Thursday, January 7, 2010

Candle Cover

  • This is a candle cover.  I call it a cover becuase it has no bottom, and fits over a tea light sized votive.  It looks pretty cool when the candle isn't burning as well!  I used a crepe textured glass of wispy orange and white.  The glass gems are of  various size and color.  I plan to make more of these but of course they will all be unique and one of a kind.  This one will be listed for sale on my website this weekend....check it out. 


  1. Love it. Need a couple of peices of yellow at the top.

    Just an opinion, it is beautiful.

  2. Thing I like most about your work is the heartfelt feeling of sirenity, peace, and calm.

  3. Nice picture!

    Very nice shop.