Sunday, May 16, 2010

What the heck have I been doing?...

What the heck have I been doing instead of keeping up with my not so famous blog?  I've been very busy proving that there are just not enough hours in any given day!  I'm fantasizing about the day when I no longer have to schlep boxes around everyday, and can just do what makes me  And...I've been making all the cool stuff you see here! 
I love making these little windows!

I use pieces of glass
left from previous projects...

      ....pretty cool!

I made these beautiful pieces with opaque glass.

This means that you can display them in a window and the colors will take on a warm glow.....
or you can hang it on the wall for an entirely different, but also beautiful result! 


  1. Wow, cool is right! I love everything. You really have a special touch. The "banner" hangings, with the points are interesting and different.

  2. Thanks One Heart...I make the "banner" hangings using pieces of glass left over from previous projects. I have issues with throwing glass away! Except the one with the two green beads...I bought that glass from the scrap bin at the local glass shop...I love scrap glass.

  3. Janet, your work is fabulous. I love the organic look of it and the nature themes. Just lovely!
    Here's hoping you (and I) can extricate ourselves from our day jobs soon! Obviously this is what you were meant to be doing.

  4. Hi Janet. Thanks for sharing your beautiful and creative work. I am curious...on your overlay pieces, you mentioned using the E6000, but other pieces look soldered? What is your trick to soldering the pieces to the ring? I have tried similar projects, but find the ring gets so hot, it's difficult to solder things to it and get a nice bead.
    Thanks again for sharing.

  5. Hi Lisa...thanks for checking out my blog! I've had no difficulty soldering to the rings, that I can recall, though I've been doing it for a long time. I use plenty of flux on the spot I'm soldering, so as soon as the ring is hot enough, the solder melts right away. After the pieces are soldered to the ring, I go back and do a little decorative soldering ON THE EXSISTING SOLDER. This way you don't have to heat the ring again. The amount of heat it takes to heat the ring won't allow you to make a nice bead. I do use an adjustable thermnostat with my iron. This could make a big difference, as a higher temperature may heat up the spot you're working on quickly, before the heat dissipates to the rest of the ring. It's just a theory, but if you don't have the ability to control the temp of your iron, you are at a great disadvantage. When I finally invested in one, after getting around the learning curve, it was well worth the money. I think I ordered mine from Delphi online.
    Hope this is helpful! Let me know of your progress...