Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mountain Backsplash

We're heading to Rocky Mountain National Park to do some camping!  So I thought I would share a project with a mountain theme.  I wanted something under the mirror in my bathroom,  kind of a backsplash, over the sink.

I measured the space I wanted to fill and came up with a layered design.  Mountains in the background to make up the bottom layer, with a stormy sky made of some beautiful wispy opalescent glass.

Here is where I layed out my background panel and made patterns for trees to be layered on top, and also chose some rocks and agates.

I added two mountains to the foreground layer, and then cut out all the pieces for my trees.  I decided not to solder them together, but to adhere them to the background, along with the rocks, using E6000 adhesive...  Hey, it's my project, I can do whatever I want! I finished the edges with some brass uchannel left over from another project.

You'll notice that the tree on the left is over the edge...sometimes I like to color outside the lines...

To see any of these photos enlarged, just click on the picture...I suggest this one...go on...

The center tree is made up of multiple layers of mottled green glass.  It changed quite a bit from the original pattern...that's part of my creative process...


I found a mirror hanger at Ace and then Chica was happy to pose for the final photo!

I've gotten mixed reactions when people see this piece, but as long as the client is happy with it, (that's me) it's all good!
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  1. That is really cool! I do some stained glass -- nothing elaborate. I think I would do more if I could let myself be more free with it like you have. Plus, I run out of ideas where to hang stuff. I guess I never thought of making a picture to hang on a wall. Darn clever, you are!


  2. Thanks LeAnn...
    I have a small house...necessity is definitely a mother! Never forget, it's your can do whatever you want!

  3. This will sound kind of "stalkingish", hah, but I have a folder on my computer of little pictures and hints etc that I save as I venture through the internets. When I checked out your Etsy store, I burst out laughing because I have some of your stuff in my 'stuff to inspire' me folder. HAHA,,,I was a fan before I knew I was a fan.

    Keep up the great work. I love it!

  4. That's cool LeAnn! I have a little notebook that serves the same purpose...

  5. Hey Leann...I used an example of my ispirational notebook in an olod blog post...check it out

  6. Hey Janet....

    Loved them !!! awesome work, thinking of giving it a shot myself...
    M planning to design a whole big glass panel which also is a sliding door.. so was looking for ideas.... It will be my first step.. I hope I do justice to my father's living room :)

  7. That sounds awesome Manu!...I'd love to see the finished piece!