Monday, August 23, 2010

Church Glass Adventure...the rest of the story

I recently completed an unusual and unique commission piece....if you have not read the post, you should check it out.  Here's the link
Even if you just look at the pictures...
Go ahead...I can wait. OK...there is   a l o t   of information there!  But it's a great human interest story.

And then, just when my church glass adventure is becoming a fond memory, I get an email from Gisele.   She says the workers found two stained glass corners. ( that's what a sponser like Levi can do for you...give you workers!)  She wants me to work my magic.  (my words not hers)  She ships them right away. 

They are very dirty with a lot of breakage, but I won't know how exstensive the damage is until I get them
taken apart and cleaned up.


So I head to my "studio"....which was once my son's little bedroom.  If you have not seen it, but would like to, just click on this link.
But don't forget to come back...
So I head to my studio and disassemble the corner pieces.  

Now, even though it's still dirty, I can see that there are enough undamaged pieces to reassemble only one corner.  I'm a little bit amazed by this good fortune.  Other than the pieces for a corner, there is only one other piece unbroken.  Now I start the process of cleaning old dirty church glass.  I learned a little something about how to accomplish this with the first church glass project.  There's alot of soaking time involved, some household ammonia, fine grit steel wool, and patience.
In the end, I'm quite pleased with the reassembly. 

Now I still have quite a bit of glass left, even though it's all broken, including some clear textured glass from the original church glass adventure.  I can't remember if I mentioned it in the previous post, but Gisele had stated at the very beginning, that if there was enough glass, it would be cool to have the zip code of their town made with the glass from their future community center. 
Well, now I have enough!  So I get out my pattern book with numbers in it and make the pattern.

Here are the numbers and the glass that remained.  You may be wondering "You just sent her the numbers?... all loose like that?"  Don't be silly...I frame them with the afore mentioned glass left from the first project, of course!.

Then I add two lengths of chain.  I'm pleased once again!
But I still have the one remaining unbroken piece.  I should do something with it...or I could just send it with the zip code...
There is still just a bit of that textured glass that I framed the numbers with. 
I'll just make a little sun catcher... 

I guess this is truly the end of my Braddock church glass adventure...
It's been great!

Hey!  I love getting comments from....anyone!


  1. Wow - nice work. "Magic" = a good word for what you did w/ this glass.

  2. Amazing. Janet your artwork is beautiful!!

    You have a fantastic ability to tranform new life into the memories of years ago.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. You did an amazing job!! And how wonderful that you photographed all the stages for us. Well done!

  4. Thank you for giving life back to our glass. Mayor John, Gisele & Baby Karl

  5. Your welcome Gisele...and thanks for the excellent opportunity, I really enjoyed it!

  6. How beautiful your work is! Thank you for photographing each phase - you're inspiring!

  7. Janet, what a transformtaion!! Your work and meticulous detail really come through.

  8. I agree with every thing that Julz & Mike say. Love your work.

  9. Wow. You did a fantastic job and I love the number panel as well. Awesome job!!!!

  10. Thanks Diane, Christine, and Sapphire Glass!

  11. Great to see things coming together from their component parts (an coming apart 1st as is the case here). Enjoyable blog - back for more later.