Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Agate Sun Catchers

         I always have a bunch of agate slabs on hand.  So...I went  on a jag...just a small one.

I like to take photos with backlight and frontlight.  With glass it can be like night and day!

 I usually trace around the slab on a piece of drawing paper and then draw the  "appendages"  in a way that, to me, seems like a natural sort of continuation of the agate. 

I believe I called this one "Blue Lava Flower"

I can usually see part of a heart in just about any slab of rock...let's not analyze it.

Below is a heart that, after adding the spiraly wires, made me think of Dr. Seuss.  In my Etsy shop I titled it "For the Love of Dr. Seuss".

I call this colorful little abstract "Bring Me the Head of Bozo the Clown".  Perhaps someone  SHOULD analyze that...
When I was making it, the agate was vertical.  But when faced with adding the hanger it ended up horizontal...that's when I saw Bozo.

This one is mine...
But the rest are available...until someone buys them, in my shop.
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  1. Okay - I looked at these when you first posted this and didn't have time to comment. Today I do.

    I really like your use of agate in the sun catchers. You have a knack for combining the agates and glass.

    :-) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Julz...I'll stop by to check out what you've been up to soon!

  3. Hi Janet! I love these!! Of course I really like the hearts :-)