Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Things in Rings!

Did I mention that I don't care for straight lines?   I think there are way too many sharp edges and  angles in the world!  I prefer curvy and roundy every day of the week.  

And on that note, quite awhile back, I started putting things in rings. 

Large rings...

Medium rings...

Small rings...

oval rings...

Even heart shaped rings.

And if there' something I haven't put inside a ring...

Just give me time...

And I probably will! 
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  1. Yes, round lines and curves are the best! I really like the large round one with the curves and the heart with curves. Looking at your beautiful glass work makes me happy!

  2. Janet, I like your penchant for curves and rings. Nice work - I bet they really catch the light.

  3. Beautiful work Janet!