Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Breaking Plates

I'm a Fed Ex courier, and there used to be a Hobby Lobby on my route.  I would frequently spend my lunchtime walking around in there.  Nothin but trouble...  One day I find some cool textured plates on clearance, and as is my custom, without knowing what I will ever use them for, have to have them.  I used the first two plates to create very dimensional pieces, the first with flowers on a vine with a hummingbird.  The second I made as a wedding gift with flowers and butterflies... 

First I made each individual flower and butterfly, and then attached them to the plate at various angles with e6000 adhesive.  It's good stuff.  Though it's difficult to see in the photo, I used wire winding in and out of the flowers like a vine. 

I sell my art online, and rely on getting good photos to do so.
Unable to get a picture that really shows the quality of this piece, I have not made another.
After a time, the rest of the plates tucked away in a drawer, I decide to get one out and try something with it.  I open the drawer, and the top plate has broken.  Hmmm...
I take it out and put it on my bench, where it stays for some time.  Finally, one day, I see it.  I get out some scrap glass left from other projects and make this...

I put the first one on a plate rail in my livingroom, and when Barbara sees it she says emphatically..."You should break more plates!" 
So I do.
But if you know me, you know I don't stay on any one thing for too long.  Easily bored...
So, more recently I broke a plate and made this...

I used a blue polished agate slab at the center of this cool flower sun catcher.

The petals are mostly from the curved part of the plate, which again is difficult
to capture on film.  I bought this particlular plate at the Salvation Army on my route.
And yes, I bought more plates...

All I need is time!

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  1. Your plates are absolutely beautiful! Are they on Etsy????? I'll have to go and check. I'm hoping.....

  2. What a delightful plate with the butterflys and flowers - it needs a nice wide windowsill to sit on.