Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Forget the Stained Glass...have a look at my bloomers!

 Holy Moly! 
Spring is already gone and summer is here.
I neglected to get any pictures of my Spring blooming stuff, 
But here are some of my early summer bloomers!

Red Clematis...
The first one open on this vine.
But, there are a bajillion, that's right, a bajillion buds ready to burst.
It's gonna be a sight!

The Lovely Columbine

My Bleeding Heart...

I think..if I'm wrong let me know!

This is Soapwort..
with a little Ivy creeping underneath.  

My Awesome Colorado Columbine!
Along with some woodbine, hosta, and an evergreen Boxwood.

This is our Bloomin Bear!
Unlike regular bears he stays out in the open in the colder months,
and goes into hiding when the woodbine goes crazy...

White Clematis


Creeping Veronica
(I call it creepy veronica..)

This young squirrel was under the impression that I had a peanut in my pocket!
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...and when your done with the outside pretties,
 have a look at some pretties for the indoors...


  1. Hi! What a gorgous garden you have!!! Thanks for posting them. I think you would be able to catch their beauty in your stained glass!!!

  2. Thanks Diane...I think you're right!