Monday, January 23, 2012

Celestial Sky Stained Glass Suncatcher...the the end!

Through February 7...

It may not be obvious, but this is the beginning of a beautiful Celestial Sky!
The sky will be made up of a combination of colors.  Deep gold, light gold, dark blue and light blue, purple, and a blue green swirl.  Throughout the sky there will be little clear marbles for stars.  All of this will seem to be in orbit around the clear glass moon with a smiling face.
I'll be sure to give you updates of my progress!

January 26....

I have been doing some cutting and grinding.  These pieces just need the little bits of glass removed where the tiny clear marbles will go. 

For these pieces, I will have to fire up the bandsaw...because the curves are quite severe. 

February 4
So now I've finished cutting out the curviest pieces, and started wrapping the edges of each one with copper foil.  This is what the solder will adhere to, keeping everything together.

I was playing around with the clear little marbles, but I just wasn't feelin it.  So I've decided to use colored glass gems's called artistic liscense.

February 5

I have soldered everything together.  Next I will finish all around the edge with a little decorative solder.  Then add jump rings and chain for hanging, and finally, finish the solder with black patina!
It will look alot better with the natural light from a window....then you will see the slight textures in the glass. 

So here is the finished panel

What do you think?
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  1. Absolutely beautiful!!!! You are so gifted.

  2. Thanks Diane! I hope things are going well for you in this new year...