Monday, March 5, 2012

Vintage Postage Stamps and Stained Glass

Many Years ago I collected postage stamps.  
 They were like tiny pieces of art with a functional purpose. 

Now I combine my love of stamps with my passion for 
stained glass to create Postage Stamp Keepsakes.

I sandwich the stamp between a piece of colored glass 
for the background, and clear glass on the front.

The marks from the stamp being cancelled at the post office
give each stamp individual character, lending itself to the 
"one of a kind" slogan I like to use!

Also, in the "one of a kind" vein, I add little bits of wire for
original embellishment and hanging, and decorative solder touches.

The result is a unique and one of a kind vintage postage stamp keepsake!
Hopefully this will not offend the real stamp collectors out there.
If so....sorry.

Feel free to leave a comment, either way...


  1. What a creative idea, Janet! I love them!

  2. These seals will have been very original, I really like the welding of Marquitos I congratulate you on the job

  3. Thanks so much's great getting kudos from a fellow artisan! I'm going to check out your blog right away...

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  5. These stamps are wonderful, but your stain glass is incredible. I am so glad the I found your blog. Come visit, Connie

  6. Thanks Commie...I have...I love your creative spirit!

  7. Those are SOOOO cool!!


  8. Thanks LeAnn...I'm working a new bunch of them. They will be available in my shop soon!