Sunday, April 8, 2012

                Hammered Overlay Suncatchers

Sometimes I get a cool piece of glass that I just want to hang in the window, without cutting it up!
I just love the colors and don't want to take even a little piece out of it.

This mountain sunset is a perfect example...
After I figured out how to accomplish this task, I went a step further, because I've
also been looking for a way to make suncatchers I can sell for less by finding a less labor intensive
means of creation.  Aha!  Two stone.

No fancy patterns, so time saved on design and cutting and grinding. 
I gently form my design using 14 awg tinned copper wire.
Then I hammer, yes hammer it, flat.  I wrap my glass edges in copper foil,
and solder it all together. 

That's it...down and dirty!


  1. These are fascinating . . . yes the glass stands alone and is beautiful without any cuts, but the creative way you framed and designed them is incredibly awesome. I especially like the first one with the sun. Happy Easter, Connie :)

  2. Your ideas are very good, I congratulate