Sunday, August 19, 2012

What Time Is It? or... Mosaic What You Want!

I paid pretty good money for this clock from a mail order catalog
 which shall remain nameless. (Pottery Barn)

It was similar to this one, only, however many
years ago, it cost about $10 less.
The second hand would often get stuck, and time would stop.
If only it were that easy!
So one day I decided to make it into art... 

I started by glueing glass around the outside edge,
and worked my way to the center.
During this process I learned that the second hand would
always sweep freely when the clock was on it's back...ha!

After I filled in all the spaces there was nothing left to do but grout...

Go on....masaic something!


  1. That is the sign of a true artist. Everything can become art with a creative imagination.
    This is very lovely, great job and I love your spirit of creative adventure. Connie :)