Saturday, March 9, 2013

Layered Glass Project

The Love Tree

For me, the creative process is just that.  I seldom have a vision of the finished piece at the start. 
 Something inspires me and so I begin, but I'm not sure what I'll have at the end, not until I've finished!
My inspiration to begin this project is the mottled turquoise colored glass framing the tree.
 I just know I want it around something.
  I decide to fill it in with a sort of abstract blue sky/sunset...(artistic liscense)...and grass.
Then I decide what the actual subject or focal point might be. I decide on a tree...
bare like in the winter.
Hmmm...seems lacking.
 I'll add some frosty white beads, like buds on the branches...(more artistic liscense since trees
obviously don't have buds when they're bare in the winter.)
Now I dont like the look where the trunk and the branches come together...
I'll cover it with something.
  I have alot of cool buttons....I'll go with the Celtic heart...AHA...
The Love Tree!