Saturday, January 15, 2011

Here's What's Happening...

I'm starting the new year trying to add inventory to the shop!  That means trying to spend time in the studio of an evening after work, and of course any spare time on the weekend.

I started with a few simple Candle Covers.  I made them triangular, usually with three different colors or types of glass.  I used a decorative solder technique and the edges are scalloped, which really dresses them up a bit.  Both ends are open, so instead of having to put a candle down inside, you just lift it off to light, or to replace the candle.  I.m including a tealite candle in a clear glass holder with each cover. 

Then I made a few pencil holders, some just like the candle covers, but with clear glass for the bottom.
Again, I used the scalloped edges and decorative solder.  Oh yeah...I almost always finish my solder with black patina...

                                                                                             Then I made a few pencil holders using strips of glass left over from previous projects.  If you're new here, you may not know that I don't like to throw any glass away!  I used those strips for one side, and complimentary pieces of glass for the remaining sides.

O.K...this one is laying on it's side, I'm calling it artistic can see them upright in my etsy shop!  Then I made a larger one with an agate slab in one side, to hold bigger things than pens and pencils, like big markers and paint brushes.

I also decided that I need more stuff in I've said before, the possibilities are endless and each piece is, as usual, totally unique and one of a kind!

I call this one  The Minimalist Tree.  It's a very simple design with clean lines, and multi colored glass cabochons at the end of each branch, with a cute little wire cloud to hang by.  The roots are wrapped around the ring and kept in place with decorative solder.

Last of all is another heart ring, filled with swirling silver wire and glass cabochons.  These have sold well in the past, and with Valentines day coming up, I'll probably make a couple more!

So, that's what's been happening here...
Check out the rest of the cool new stuff in my shop, New Moon Glass on Etsy!

Feel free to leave a's fun to see who's been here...


  1. Your work is beautiful. I really enjoy checking it out.

  2. I really like your new items! Hope all is well in your neighborhood :-) I know what you mean about working AFTER work! I'm trying to do the same thing to add to my shop as well. Good luck to both of us!