Sunday, February 6, 2011

Antique Bottle Bouquets

I guess I inherited my appreciation for antiques from my dad...he always had them around.  He gave me some very cool pieces, and I collected others as well.  I got some of the bottles pictured above from my dad. 

I had plans to incorporate one or two of the smaller ones into my stained glass art.  I've seen them used in some cool panels, the whole bottle surrounded by stained glass, with flowers spilling out, or one where the glass around it was a medicine chest it was inside of.  Very cool, and creative!  

 I had two or three bottles sitting on my bench for a couple months, and I would see them everytime I sat down to do something. 

But then I began picturing them as something more dimensional than a flat glass panel....

I decided on bouquets made with wire and glass cabochons, with the stems incased in epoxy to hold them in place, and to look like water.

But then, after making a few of those, I started seeing beads instead of cabochons...limitless variations...and that's what I'm about!            Because I'm easily bored...

And at some point I decided it might be cool to add some color with beads in the epoxy....


I could go on....but's endless!  These and others will be rolling out in my etsy shop one or two at a time.
Check it out!  And please leave a comment with your thoughts...                                            


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  1. Very fun. Sometimes it is good to be easily bored;)

    ~ Julz

  2. I seem to have missed these when you posted them but found them when looking back a bit from your light bulb spider which is also rather cool. Love these cookie wee bouquets.