Saturday, February 19, 2011

Creative Flow

I recently turned down a commission project because the proposed window was too large for my work space to accomodate.  When I realized that I felt a certain sense of relief at this outcome, I wondered why.  In retrospect, I see that whenever I make stuff requested by others, I not only feel anxious about completeing it to their satisfaction, I also become unhappy that I'm deterred from the creative process that gives me such great satisfaction.  Having a spark of an idea, choosing the glass and other materials,  putting it all together, creating a finished piece of glass art.  This is truly my passion. 
                                                                  "Color in Motion"
 I recalled the first piece I sold when I opened my etsy shop, when I was creating art solely from this process.  And others I made during that time frame.

                                                                    "Moon Dreams"

                                                         "Blue Dreams" Corner Window

"Tiny Window"

                                                                  "Wizard's Window"

                                                            "The King's Agate"

Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed making pieces requested by  others.  I get a great sense of staisfaction from that challenge.  Here are some of those projects...

"Celtic Knots" Cabinet Door

                                                                "Colorado Columbine"

Old Church Glass from Braddock PA...reborn...

Braddock Church glass corner rebuilt

 Braddock PA zip code

                                                            "Hummer and Trumpet Vine"

After having this revelation, I hauled out a bunch of  "scrap" glass left from other projects, and purchased directly from the scrap bin at my local glass shop.  I can't help it, for me it's all about color and texture!  I proceeded to do what I love.  Here are a couple things I came up with...


I also realized that sales in my etsy shop have dropped since I, for reasons unknown, moved away from following my creative desire and started making stuff because I thought it was what would sell or it took less time to make.  Regardless of the outcome in sales, I'm determined to continue making what moves me. 

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  1. Janet,

    You have made a simple, yet profound realization.


  2. hello janet , lovely to have you visit mine and thanks for comment...i really like your own style of work , its really interesting AND unique , i know what you mean about having to work to someone else's style...
    i love getting a free reigh to just do my own thing....

  3. Please keep pursuing what moves you!!